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Code for Chief Executive Excellence

In 2003 to 2005 approximately 450 Chief Executives in the Danish state, regional and local authorities actively participated in a debate on the most important conditions, strategies and skills for Chief Executives in a modern public sector. Starting from the analysis and debate, Forum for Top Executive Management reached its preliminary conclusion in 2005 with the publication of the book ”Public Governance – Code for Chief Executive Excellence in Denmark” which contains the Code for Chief Excellence in Denmark and summarizes the Chief Executives experiences. The Code for Chief Executive Excellence was based on an analysis of both permanent and changing challenges for Chief Executives in Denmark.

The Code relates to the Chief Executives role, behaviour and strategies in the management of the public and politically managed organization. Nine short and plain recommendations, supplemented by a number of action-oriented questions, represent the essence of the code.

The nine recommendations are directed:

  • Upwards - towards the political leader
  • Outwards - towards the outside world
  • Inwards - towards mangement of the organization

The nine recommendations must be regarded as equal and as a whole. They do not form a menu from which to choose or a list of management tasks that must be prioritized. Chief Executive Management in the public sector involves compliance with all nine recommendations.

You can download the publication of "Public Governance – Code for Chief Executive Excellence in Denmark". 

Download the book 
Download the pamphlet


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